PT. JEMIX Indonesia

Jemix Heat Treatment (S) Pte Ltd, was established in 1981 for specialize in heat treatment services in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

Since 1991 we have been working closely with PT. Toyo Kanetsu Indonesia (in short PT. TKI) in Batam island.

To cope with the rising demands of heat treatment services in Batam & other parts of Indonesia, we had erected a Bogie LPG Fired Furnace as well as Electric Furnace in PT. TKI factory, which was our base for all heat treatment operation in Indonesia.

As a close partner of PT. TKI, we constantly provide special heat treatment services to most of multinational oil-tool orientated companies, heavy steel fabrication industries especially pressure vessel of ASME code and many of its related works.

As a truly professional heat treatment specialist, we have always worked with strict proven in-house standard procedures or fully complied with our customer specification.

Our heat treatment equipments are always maintained up to date to ensure our best service to our value customers in Indonesia. Our team in Indonesia is swift, responsible and efficient to provide for any calls and needs of all our customers including providing 24 hours services in the event if it is required. All these years we have always provide a very competitive and reasonable price to our customers, although at times we might come across very strong competition from others in this very competitive market. Never the less our PWHT operation in Indonesia will strive on and always look forward to provide the best services to all our customers with the most competitive price.
As in November 2008, we have registered our company business in Batam Indonesia as

With our skill and experience management and staff, we have also register and achieve the Quality Management System of ISO 9001-2008 certification in year 2012.

If you have any needs for heat treatment services or any other related query, please feel free to contact us by telephone, fax or email.

You can always be assured of our very best service.

Our Company's Main Business Services:

On-Site Preheat & Post-Weld Heat Treatment of Piping, Pressure Vessels, Tanks Structure (Localized, Furnace, Electrical, Gas Firing).
In-House Localized & Furnace Heat Treatment.
On-Site Heat Curing / Dry-out of refractory, etc.
Consultancy & Supervisory Service.


Heat Treatment Equipment, Accessories & Consumables.
Industrial / Laboratory Ovens & Furnace (Design, installation, modification & repair)