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JEMIX Heat Treatment (S) Pte Ltd

Jemix Heat Treatment (S) Pte Ltd was established in 1981 in Singapore through investment from Jemix Co., Ltd. a pioneer in heat treatment business in Japan founded in 1966.
Our Company's Main Business Services:
Provide services for on-site Preheating (PH) and Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT)
work by means of electric resistance and high velocity gas firing techniques.
Refractory and Castable Dry-Out.
In-house PH and PWHT services in our workshop.
Sales of PH and PWHT Equipment and Industrial Furnaces.
Exclusive Agent for DIMETRICS Welding Systems/Products.
From its inception, our Company has aimed to achieve growth through an outward-looking strategy - actively seeking out heat treatment business opportunities through our agents and representatives in the region. We have since successfully completed several ‘turnkey’ heat treatment projects in Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia.
The Key To Our Success:
the quality of our people who are customer-oriented, well trained and hardworking, and their strong teamwork.
our continuous efforts in upgrading our equipment and facilities, and our technical skills and knowledge.
securing and maintaining reliable sources of supplies, and strong support from our network of suppliers to meet any urgent demand from project site.
We are proud of our ability to organize and mobilize our equipment and manpower to any project site in the most efficient and effective manner. It is our aim to make a contribution towards the regional societies through transfer of technology and know-how in our efforts to provide our clients with the most constructive, complete and responsive service at the lowest cost possible.
We are confident that staffed by highly skilled and energetic personnel, our reputation and success will ensure our Company remains as the No. 1 heat treatment specialist in this region. Nevertheless, our quality services and the quality of our people shall remain the focus as we continue to pursue our growth strategy through the identification of new markets and new opportunities.
We have also achieved certification for Quality Management System ISO 9001 and Occupational, Health & Safety Management System ISO 45001 since 2010.
If you have a need for heat treatment services or any related query, please feel free to call us.
You can always be assured of our very best.
Copyright © 2023 by JEM Heat. All rights reserved. Thermal Engineering Specialists Johor Bahru (JB), Malaysia, Singapore (SG), Indonesia
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